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2018 Team Australia with the BUB 7 Streamliner

BUB 7 Motorcycle Streamliner features a purpose-designed and built turbocharged motor and powertrain custom built by the Team 7 Racing team. The 3000cc V4 engine produces 500 hp with double overhead cams driving 4 valves per cylinder.

Bike Class:

Streamliner/Blown Fuel (S/BF) 3000cc


Land Speed Racing Series

American Motorcycle Association (AMA)
Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (

Team “7” Crew Members: 

John Jans & Joe Harralson (Team Owners), Denis Manning (Team Leader & Bike Designer), Peter Manning,
Jim Moser, Richard Voliva, Danny Weger, Arch Owens, Lou Fischer, Bill Hutchens, Scott & Debra Robertson, Dink Herndon,
Don Macaulay, Mark Henry (fabricator) Ray Garcia, Special thank you to John Stein (book writer), and Eric Studer.


Parachute System
High-Speed, Main, Reserve 
Length25' Height: 32”, Width: 22” 

Fuel: Methanol      Weight: 1,600 lbs 

Tires: Goodyear     Skids: Air Actuated

Engine & Power Trained ManagementMoTeC

BrakesWater-cooled six-piston Precision Machine Brakes
Drag Coefficient.08–A2 Wind Tunnel, Mooresville, NC
Composite Envisions 
Carbon Monocoque (The skin is the frame)

1st gear: 190 mph, 2nd gear: 285 mph, 3rd gear: 325 mph, 4th gear: 350+ mph



Target 550 Streamliner – Treit and Davenport

The Target 550 Streamliner features a unique wind tunnel-tested design with the singular goal of breaking the current FIA class record of 415.867 mph. Powered by two supercharged alcohol-fueled Dodge Hemi engines generating over 2,500 horsepower each, the vehicle has already achieved a top of speed of 385 mph in testing.

For more information visit Target 550 website:

Streamliner Class:  AA/BFS 

Target 550 Crew Members:  
Marlo Treit, Korey Bligh, Jim Hume, Les Davenport, Ron Huegli, Ray Garcia, Susan Stone, Rob Bruins, Gary Geil, Steve Newby, Jon Treit, Serge Bonetti, Michael Brixton, Eric Studer, and Dr. Mike Seal at Western Washington University

Horsepower: 2,500 each @ 7200 rpm

 Length43 feet long, 3' wide, 3.5' tall 

Weight: 8,740 lbs   Fuel: Alcohol   Tires: Goodyear

Powerplants: Two Supercharged Dodge V8 Hemi engines

Transmissions: Two B & J four-speed

Speed Brakes: Aluminum CNC Machined

Four Parachute System

BMW S 1000 RR


Land Speed Racing Series:

Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials

Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah, USA

Career-best top-speed 217.7 mph (350.53 km/h), Earned 5 Land Speed Racing Records with the 
Martech Services Company & CTEK Battery Charger sponsored BMW Motorrad USA.

Weight389 lbs.


Exhaust System: Akrapovic

Engine Power: 217+ (160KW)

Transmission: 4-Cylinder Motorsport-Engine

Team Owner: Valerie Thompson Racing



Valerie Thompson NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle 

Racing Series: The National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) - 2008


Length: 12 Feet

Engine: 60º S&S V-Twin

Body Style: 2016 XB12R Buell
Horsepower: 380+ @ 9500 RPM

Weight: 625 lbs. with rider after run

Team Owner: Valerie Thompson Racing

2006 Harley-Davidson
Screamin' Eagle V-ROD Destroyer 


Racing Series All Harley Davidson Drag Racing Association (AHDRA) 2006 – 2007

Third-place finish in National points standings - 2007

Runner-up Western Division Championship - 2007 

Best Appearing Team” Award - 2007

Number 1 qualifier at 6 out of 14 race events - 2007

Runner up at four national events - 2007

Special Thank you to Rick Hatch, former owner of Hacienda Harley-Davidson Scottsdale,

and Legend Air Ride Suspension for supporting this awesome team.

Crew Members:  Kenny Folz, Mickey Eddinger, and teammate Bailey Whitaker

“Assault Weapon”
World’s Fastest Panhead


Land Speed Racing Series:

Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials

Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah, USA

AMA National Record:

2000 APS-PF – 2007

Record Achieved: 

156.717 mph with a top speed 161.736 mph (open-chassis Panhead)

Bike Owner:  Keith Ball,

Bike currently on display at the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum & Hall of Fame:

“Salt Shaker”

World’s Fastest Panhead


Land Speed Racing Series 

Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials

Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah, USA

2006 AMA National Record: 

141.465 mph, V-twin pushrod class


Chassis: John Reed–designed Custom Chrome sportbike chassis
Powertrain: Accurate Engineering 120-inch Panhead engine with Berry Wardlaw designed flow heads
Exhaust: D&D Performance
Transmission: Baker six-speed transmission with BDL belt drive
Bike Owner:  Keith Ball /

Bike currently on display at the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum & Hall of Fame

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