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Desert Storage To Sponsor 7-Time Motorcycle Land Speed Record Holder Valerie Thompson

Valerie Thompson Racing Team receives new sponsorship from Desert Storage

Desert Storage is the newest sponsor to announce support for Arizona resident and seven-time land speed record holder, Valerie Thompson.

Desert Storage is redefining the self-storage business category with a variety of solutions for customers facing the challenge of moving and downsizing. Desert Storage provides air conditioned drive-in storage access, covered outdoor facilities for RV’s/boats/automobiles, wine storage, mailbox rentals and document shredding in a safe and secure environment.

“When I needed a secure storage facility to keep our motor coach in Scottsdale, Desert Storage was an easy choice. They offer the widest variety of services at the best price,” said Thompson. “Scott Brawn and his staff at Desert Storage are very professional and attentive. They are my last stop after every race since they provide a well-lit cleaning/sanitary dump station and covered parking for our motor coach and motorcycle hauler. I never have to worry about security or access. They really take the hassle out of storing our most critical equipment,” added Thompson.

Anosh Vasani, Director of Marketing for Desert Storage, says, “We are really excited to support Valerie in her endeavors. She is a great athlete and we look forward to her breaking even more records.”

Thompson is an independent team owner/driver, fielding a record setting BMW S 1000 RR land speed racing motorcycle with plans to compete in the NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle class in 2017. In addition to 7-land speed records, she is a lifetime member of six-land speed racing 200 MPH Clubs, including the prestigious Bonneville 200 MPH Club and first female member of the Colorado Mile. She earned the title of world’s fastest female motorcycle racer with an average one measured mile speed of 304.263 mph and exit speed of 313 mph at the 2016 Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials.

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