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Valerie Thompson Attempts New Record On 4 Wheels At Australia’s Speed Week And World Speed Trials

World’s Fastest Female Motorcycle Racer seeking new speed records on four-wheels with dual-engine Treit and Davenport Streamliner in Australia

Scottsdale, AZ (March 4, 2020) – Valerie Thompson returns to Lake Gairdner Australia to attempt new speed records on four wheels for the first time piloting the Treit & Davenport Target 550 Streamliner at two premier land speed racing events. Her goals include breaking multiple records, including the 415.867 mph (669.273 kph) class record for a four-wheel blown fuel streamliner powered by a piston engine.

Hosted by Dry Lakes Racers Australia (DLRA), the 30th Annual Speed Week competition is held March 23-27. Immediately following Speed Week, the team will also attempt new records at the 2nd Annual World Speed Trials March 28-30. Speed Week records are determined by DLRA specifications while the World Speed Trials records are sanctioned by Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) rules.

The 43-foot long Target 550 Streamliner features a unique wind tunnel inspired design powered by two supercharged Dodge Hemi engines capable of generating 5000 horsepower on alcohol fuel.

Target 550 project coordinator, Marlo Treit, said, “The team is delighted to be back in Australia for Speed Week and the World Speed Trials. These events provide two opportunities to set new records for our unique vehicle.” Treit added, “We have new crew members, two new engines and a great new driver. I’m looking forward to seeing strong results with all this new talent.”

Thompson set a motorcycle streamliner record of 328.467 mph (528.616 kph) during the 2018 Speed Week competition, earning her membership in the DLRA 200 and 300 MPH Clubs. She was also honored with the “Fast Lady on the Lake” award.

“This will be my first full-on assault on the 415 mph record driving the Target 550 Streamliner. I’ve had three successful tests with a 291+ mph run on less than optimal salt conditions,” said Thompson.

Thompson could add a new chapter to racing history by becoming the first woman over 400 mph in a piston-powered engine vehicle.

Valerie Thompson Background

Valerie is the “World’s Fastest Female Motorcycle Racer” and an eight-time land speed record holder with membership in the Sturgis Motorcycle Hall of Fame, seven 200 MPH Clubs and one 300 MPH Club. In 2018, she piloted the famed BUB 7 motorcycle streamliner to a record speed of 328.467 mph and is the only female featured on the “World’s Top 10 Fastest Motorcycle Racers” list. Recently included in Dealernews “Top 100 Leaders in Powersports” list, her passion for making history and breaking speed barriers is featured in the upcoming feature film documentary, “Rockets and Titans.”

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