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In addition to pursuing the fastest motorcycle title of 376.363 mph, Valerie assumed driving duties of the Treit and Davenport Target 550 Streamliner for her first land speed record attempt on 4-wheels. Marlo Treit and Les Davenport have four decades of land speed racing experience in a variety of record-setting vehicles. The team’s goal is to break the current conventional wheel-driven, piston-powered automobile class speed record of 415.867 mph.


Valerie Thompson and Target 550 Autograph Package

  • Short Description

    • Autograph card (8.5 x 11) signed by Valerie
    • Valerie Thompson Racing sticker
    • Finish Line Flag, 4x6 inches
    • VTR "VIP Guest" card with lanyard
    • VTR pen with a gel highlighter

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