Valerie Thompson 2021 Calendar. Glossy print 11.5 x 14 calendar autographed by Valerie.  Personalized with career highlights and many fond memories. Each month features a different “best of” hi-res photo of Valerie’s successful racing career. Included: extra goodies and shipped in a custom-made box for Valerie's calendars.  Price: $40.00 + Tax - Shipping to USA only

Valerie Thompson 2021 Calendar

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  • Short Description

    • 11.5 x 14 glossy print 2021 calendar autographed by Valerie, personalized with career highlights and many fond memories
    • VTR pen with a gel highlighter
    • Valerie Thompson Racing sticker
    • VTR “VIP Guest” card with lanyard
    • Shipped in a custom-made box for Valerie's calendars with VTR tissue